About us

SUP SErvices

A professional and friendly inflatable paddle board repair specialist based in the heart of Somerset. We are the driving force in supporting the paddle board community and improving the sustainability message across the sector. We take pride in ensuring you and your board receive the service you expect.

The Start

Where it all began

A keen paddle boarder, Paul decided to turn his passion into a service. Paul has been paddling and repairing inflatable paddle boards for many years and felt that not enough was being done to support those who have been unfortunate enough to damage their boards, with nowhere to turn but landfill. Through experience and knowledge, SUP Services can offer a wide range of premium services, to keep your paddle board, boat or kayak where it belongs…. on the water.

“if you’re not smiling when your paddling, you’re doing it wrong”

What we do

Getting your board
back on the water

We will work closely with you to understand your requirements, from a basic clean to a full seam rupture. You’ll be kept updated every step of the way so you can rest assured your paddle board is in good hands. 

We can even support you in collecting and delivering your board. 

Where to start

Your Board

To start your journey with us, get in touch with our team. Or should you be in the market for a new board we work with and support some of the best brands in the industry. Click on any of the links below to take a look at their latest offerings.