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Board Repairs

Understanding paddle board construction allows us to assess and then repair boards to the highest standard. Using carefully selected materials and industry leading products ensures a lasting repair we can be proud of. All our repairs are quality checked to ensure the board remains safe on the water.

Board Repairs

Seam Repairs

We will always where possible strive for a near invisible repair. Using tried and tested techniques and giving the repair the time it needs means a stronger, better result. All our repairs are pressure tested and assessed prior to return.

Prices start from £40 for seam leaks, whilst larger ruptures will start from £60

Board repairs

Puncture repair

Punctures happen but we can provide a quality repair that’s designed to be permanent.

We can repair punctures from just £20 and always try to get you the closest possible colour match to keep the looks of your board in tact.

Board Repairs

Fin Box Repair

We’re able to replace/repair all models of fin box, or even just upgrade what you have. It doesn’t stop there either! Our laser guided alignment allows for near perfect accuracy every time! Prices start at £65.

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