Sustainable at heart


Inflatable paddle boards cannot be recycled they go to landfill! We want to reduce the myth that boards can’t be repaired. We pride ourselves on being able to keep the boards in the hands of the owners or provide those less fortunate with the opportunity to experience time on the water by supplying repaired boards to charities. But we can’t do this on our own.

The Truth

Customer satisfaction
vs. ‘wastage’

The truth is all paddle board companies regardless of size have the ongoing battle of customer satisfaction vs. ‘wastage’. Warranties exist, and paddle boards are no exception. However, the majority of the time, customers returning their board is a fault not of the brand, but of the factory process or accidental damage. Its these boards that are left for landfill.

The Pledge

Saving the world
one board at a time

SUP Services will continually provide a platform to all who need it, from the small repairs to catastrophic. We are immensely proud to be working with some of the best companies and people in the global paddle board community. It’s with the collaborated effort SUP Services can keep their boards and yours on the water for everyone’s enjoyment.

Supporting our planet

Working With us

The planet has enough problems to deal with, don’t give it another one. We work with some fantastic brands who are working hard and are already doing great things to reduce this message, and SUP Services will continue to support them and you when it comes to board repairs. Check out our brand partners page to see what they have to offer.