Terms & Conditions


Any listed prices do not include the cost of delivery or any other services outside of the displayed price.

All our prices include vat

We reserve the right to change our prices at anytime


All quotations, unless otherwise started, for works will expire after 30 days from the date of the quotation being issued.

SUP Services reserves the right to amend prices at any time, without notice, should material or supplier cost increase.

Quotation requirements:

– A photo of the damaged area (multiple if you can)

– The brand and model of the board

– An accurate description of what happened, and the repair required.

Please note that some areas a of damage may require seeing the board in person before a quote can be provided. Timescales and quotes will not be given without seeing images or the board directly. 

Estimates can be given but are not binding until the board is seen.


  • SUP Services are repair specialists and actively research all new technologies in paddle board construction. Technologies including woven drop stitch and double laminated, and fusion technology can be repaired.

Repairs carried out by Sup Services unless otherwise stated, will carry a 6-month warranty, for workmanship and materials. Our repairs are extensively checked to ensure their quality.

I will however note the below…

  • Our repair in many instances will be stronger than the surrounding original material. 
  • SUP Services cannot warranty against:
              > Faults or deterioration of the manufacturer’s materials or production processes.
              > A similar incident to that which damaged the original material in the first place will not bring about similar damage to our repair or the original material situated adjacent to our repair.

          > Improper use or maintenance. Using the board outside its recommend intention or poor maintenance will increase the risk of damaging the repair or cause further damage

Seam Repairs

A seam failure will usually occur due to excessive internal pressure. This may be caused by;

  • Over inflation. Taking the board beyond the brand or manufacturer’s recommended operating pressure.
  • Heat exposure. Leaving an inflated board in direct sunlight or exposed to a hot environment for a prolonged period. This will increase the internal pressure of the board beyond the brand or manufacturer’s recommended operating pressure. It will also cause any glued areas to become soft and ultimately fail.
  • Poor Maintenance: If left unmaintained i.e. not cleaned/serviced, the bacteria or salt deposits that build up on the board will accelerate the decay of the pvc and glued areas. 

If an inflatable suffers from a seam failure through excessive pressure this may be an indication that further weakness exists in the board. The subsequent failure occurs to prevent further damage to the seams. Continuing to use the board at the recommended operating pressure could therefore lead to further failures in the seams or structure of the board.

SUP Services would always recommend that the board from the point of repair is used at a lower pressure to further prolong the life of the inflatable.

SUP Services hold a 6-month warranty on all works carried out and specifically ‘our’ repair. Warranties are not in place to cover areas outside of ‘our’ repair.

However, seam leaks and seam repairs have a limited warranty due to the rationale for failure detailed above. i.e., seams may/will be weakened in other areas after exposure to excessive pressure.

Water Park repairs

Any work carried out on inflatable water parks are done so at the request and permission of the water park. This work is charged out at an agreed day rate. 
As with all our work the repairs will be carried out to the highest quality. 
Expectation is that a suitable work area will be provided, and full descriptions of each requirement is communicated prior to arriving on site.

Puncture and seam work will carry the same warranty terms as above. 
Structural work will have a reduced warranty which will be discussed on a case by case basis.

We cannot be responsible for misuse or overuse of the item outside the manufacturer recommendations.

Repair Claims

Should you be unhappy with your repair we would ask that you contact SUP Services in the first instance.

All repair claims and queries will be accepted but must be accompanied by dated proof of repair issued by SUP Services. SUP Services has the right to request the repaired item be returned for inspection. It will be the customer’s responsibility to return any repaired item.

If the item complies with our warranty terms, any return costs will be recognised by SUP Services (UK mainland only).

If upon inspection it is found that additional work, alterations, or additional damage are apparent that may have led to the decreased integrity of ‘our’ repair. The warranty claim will be void.

These warranty conditions may be altered from time to time without notice.

All advice/instructions given by SUP Services either written or verbally are given in good faith. However, SUP Services accepts no responsibility for any consequential or other damage caused through the application and or removal of any product supplied by SUP Services or any repair materials.